Sunday, May 6, 2012

Google Adsense Check: HodgePodge Bernard's First Googley Good!

Bernard Young runs 'HodgePodge I Am' and also runs a property blog that together earned him an awesome first Google Adsense check. Check out his "Googley Good". From all at Google Adsense Checks, congratulations Bernard!

Via HodgePodge I Am: Show Me The Money!

Google Adsense Check: Omkar's First Earnings

Although shy about displaying his earnings, here is Omkar being not so shy with his first Google Adsense check holding it up very proudly! Congratulations Omkar!

Source: Omkar's Photo Blog: MY FIRST GOOGLE ADSENSE CHECK...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Google Adsense Check: Brian Stinar's First!

Brian Stinar's first Google Adsense check had him quite excited and he had this to say on his self-named Google Blogger blog:

"The Google services (Blogger, Adsense and Google Analytics) all play together very nicely. For this reason, and my love of all things Google, I have integrated the three into my blog. Finally Adsense has come to fruition!"

Via Brian Stinar's Blog: First Google Adsense Check!

Google Adsense Check: West Virginia Hot Dogs

The West Virginia Hot Dog Blog is: "A place to discuss the uniquely delectable gift from heaven known as the West Virginia Hot Dog."

Source: The West Virginia Hot Dog Blog: Cha-Ching! We're in the money!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ShoeMoney's $132994.97 Google Adsense Check

"ShoeMoney" had this to say on his post, Adsense check for 132,994.97 : "This was the bigest paper check I have ever recieved. It was way back in August of 2005. 100% of this income was earned with organic seo and pretty much pure profit."
Via ShoeMoney: Adsense check for 132,994.97

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